Introduced to this years ago by a colleague, but it's still my favorite little alias.

#Add to ~/.bashrc  
alias psg='ps aux | grep -v grep | grep -i'  
#Source the updated bashrc(or relog)  
source ~/.bashrc  
#I prefer to not be case sensitive, example:  
[jpyth@arch-jpyth ~]$ psg fire  
jpyth 16131 12.7 3.7 1463388 607748 ? Sl Mar25 367:33
[jpyth@arch-jpyth ~]$ psg FiRe  
jpyth 16131 12.7 3.7 1463388 607748 ? Sl Mar25 367:33
[jpyth@arch-jpyth ~]$
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Configuring irssi


#server section of ~/.irssi/config  
servers = (  
address = "$hostname";  
chatnet = "IRCnet";  
port = "6667";  
autoconnect = "true";  
password = "$user:$pass";  

irssi logging:

#Create directory for logs  
#Large storage drive == /storage/  
sudo ln -s /storage/irssi /var/log/  
#You'll probably want to own these files or atleast rw access.  
chown -R $owner:$group /storage/irrsi  
#in irssi run:  
/SET autolog ON  
/SET autolog_path /var/log/irssi/$tag/$0.log  


#Contents of /etc/logrotate.d/irssi  
/var/log/irssi/*/*log {  

irssi-libnotify-git from Arch User Repository (AUR):

#For xfce4  
sudo pacman -S xfce4-notifyd  
#Get package from AUR  
Extract && cd  
tar -xvf irssi-libnotify-git.tar.gz  
cd irssi-libnotify-git  
#create package - Install missing deps  
makepkg || {  
#missing deps  
sudo pacman -S python2-gobject perl-html-parser  
#install final package  
sudo pacman -U irssi-libnotify-git*.pkg.tar.xz  
#create directories if missing && symlink installed script for irssi
to use.  
mkdir -p ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun && ln -s
/usr/share/irssi/scripts/notify.pl ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/  
#dep for notify-listener.py  
sudo pacman -S python2-dbus  
#start listener -- I do this when launching irc. You could start it
with systemd/init too.  
nohup notify-listener.py &

Simple script to grab current or start a new irssi:


notify=\`which notify-listener.py\`  
irc=\`which irssi\`

ps aux | grep "$notify" | grep -v grep &>/dev/null || {  
nohup $notify &  
ps aux | grep -i "$irc" | grep -v grep &>/dev/null || {  
screen -S $screenN $irc  
} && {  
screen -list | grep "$screenN" | wc -l | grep "\^1$" &>/dev/null &&
screen -D $screenN  
screen -R $screenN  
} || {  
echo "You has too many/few irssis, check screen"  


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