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I saw this reddit post. I've wanted to try to do some type of project with my Raspberry Pi, and the idea of tech+home/stuff has always intrigued me.

The current plan is a standing desk, or perhaps a coffee table.. but for now, I've ordered the following bits to let me work on the tech bit. If I master control of the LEDs, i'll figure out something to put it in.

Parts so far(Already had a Pi/SD Card, just never used it):
LED Lights
More Wires

I think these bits should let me get the wires going. Still deciding on a power supply solution long-term, but I have things I can use interim for testing.

Code wise, The current plan is run Arch-ARM(Already installed) with python to control the LEDs, and tie into my onConnect project for changing the lights depending on state changes monitored by onConnect.

Should be fun:D


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