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Check it out! -- I've gotten out of the mining business:) Was a fun expirement.. Article is here as an archive now.

This is used to mine Dogecoin, which you can find more about Dogecoin in general below:

Here is a youtube video from the founder explaining Dogecoin.

A getting started article from for my non-geeky friends that just want to obtain and use Dogecoin.

Mining is a bit more on the geeky side, and is not something the average person needs to do to obtain or spend dogecoin. If you're interested in mining I suggest checking out the dogemining subreddit.

The general use of crypto currencies is something many of us expect to be mainstream some day. It's growing in popularity and if you haven't heard about it yet, you likely will soon.

Think of it is an internet currency that allows you to quickly and easily send and receive money(dogecoin) online. More and more companies are accepting it as a form of payment, and startup companies are appearing to fill this new niche. It's going to be pretty neat seeing it all unfold.


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